Whether I’m working with residential or commercial clients, I am frequently asked to recommend go-to sources for green décor ideas. Benches, dining tables, hutches and the like….well, I’ve got those covered. But when it comes to lighting accessories, glassware and the many other pieces that pull a room together, I’m always on the lookout for places to send my clients. Those “places” might be galleries, retail shops, or online (and, in this case, print) publications.   


One of my favorite “places” for green décor ideas is Organic Spa Magazine (http://organicspamagazine.com). I’m old fashioned and love the print version that I can actually leave on my coffee table, but the online version is groovy, too. Organic Spa Magazine regularly shares information about green products for the home….a definite must if you seek eco-friendly design.


Those mud chandeliers? Found those in a September 2011 article by Rima Suqi, “Eight Fabulous Eco-Finds.” Rima profiles some truly unique green home décor treasures, my favorite of which are the mud chandeliers that are made of “thousands of mud beads, hand-rolled by the women of the Beads and Buttons community project in South Africa.” Also profiled in the article is a carafe-cup set crafted from recycled glass and an eco-friendly children’s submarine activity station that Rima found at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, http://icff.com. (More about the ICFF in tomorrow’s post.)


Check out Rima’s article: http://www.organicspamagazine.com/2011/09/8-fabulous-eco-finds#.T4ENYHTOnR4.email.


Then check out Organic Spa Magazine (http://organicspamagazine.com). It’s one of my go-to sources for green décor ideas….and the publication is based in Rocky River, just up the road from me. Original green décor ideas for sure. I certainly don’t know of any other “place” where I could have found out about mud chandeliers.